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  • 2012.04.14 Saturday
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  • by スポンサードリンク

English Diary

桜と亀 Cherry blossom and a turtle


In this week, I could see beatiful cherry blossom trees everywhere.
I walked to my office in cherry blossom storm. It was beautiful and I was proud of our tradition to enjoy(愛でる〈mederu) in Japanese) this pink flower.

By the bike parking area, there is small stream. Just time I arrive, a turtle busks in the sun. I meet it everyday after I started to work here. I think it's almost 4 years.

On that day, many cherry blossom petals danced in the spring breeze. It was fine day so the contrast of pink petals and blue sky was terrific. I felt so good.
I walked to the stream and checked inside it as usual. I wanted to meet the turtle.

And I broke into laughter

The turtle was standing inside the shallow water to bask in the sun. Its neck was too long and it seems to be relaxed. And its eye....

Its eye was covered by two cherry blossom petals like its glasses
It's like real Mutant Ninja Turtles! So cute!

So, I enjoy that day to remind its face all time
  • 2012.04.14 Saturday
  • 21:18

English Diary


  I haven't use NHK education radio program for a long time.

One day, checking NHK website, and I realized there are better programs than ones I listened sometimes ago. And I decided to try a program, 攻略!英語リスニング.

It is for mid-level English learner. You can practice to get some information with listening English talk.

This program is good for me.
As for me, I am so busy that I can't make enough time to brush up my English. But, I want to keep my English level. Keep listening with focusing is good to keep my level.

I will record this program and study in my lunch time.
  • 2012.04.08 Sunday
  • 21:57

English Diary

Cherry Blossom

As for me, the most favorite flower is cherry blossom

It is interesting flower because you can enjoy this flower in two viewpoints.

I mean, if you see one cherry blossom flower , you must think it is so cute, but if you see one cherry blossom tree, you must realize it is so magnificent.

The most famous cherry blossom in Japan is Someiyoshino(染井吉野). Its flower has only 5 petals and its color is light pink. But gathering many flowers, it is like big flower.

You can see so many cherry blossom trees in line beside rivers or schools in Japan. It's so beautiful.

I am proud of Japanese cherry blossom trees.
  • 2012.04.02 Monday
  • 00:09